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Basque Country

Spain | europe

Cycling hot spot in Northern Spain

Spanish charm, sunshine and a cyclists to-do list as long as a tapas menu

Basque Country is cycling heaven.

A perfect combination of beautiful landscapes, coastal roads, sharp climbs, and respectful drivers. It is precisely for this that the Basque Country has always been considered a bicycle paradise. It’s no secret as to why so many professional cycling champions have come from this region.

Discover some of the best routes, climbs, and trails to make a truly unforgettable cycling experience. Explore the Basque Country’s stunning scenery and passionate culture in one of the epic tours available. So what are you waiting for? We’ll see you on the road.


Basque Country is arguably one of the best places for cycling in Spain. The beautiful countryside and culture-rich towns offer something for everyone. This heartland of Spanish cycling has large hilly sections, challenging hill climbs, and gentle, rolling roads in between.

Variable terrain means there are routes perfect for any level. Tackle the toughest climb of Monte Oiz, reaching a breathtaking view as a reward. Enjoy a gentle coastal ride from San Sebastián, or head inland on a gastronomic journey sampling some of the finest foods along the way.


If the epic cycling isn’t enough, then get a fill of Basque’s unique culture that rips through the region. Music, festivals, language, and food. These key ingredients make up the wonderful atmosphere found in Basque Country.

Take some time off the bike to discover some incredible flavours in the famous gastronomy scene and sample some of the local wines. Take in the beating heart of the Basque region on the historical and thriving streets.


From San Sebastián to Bilboa, and everywhere in between, Basque Country’s coastline is simply gorgeous. The Bay of Biscay is a gulf of the Atlantic Ocean making the water super refreshing all year round.

You really can’t beat the coastal rides here. Magical villages are dotted along this northern region giving picture-postcard views with a dazzling ocean in the background.


Basque Country is no secret in the world of cycling. When visiting this paradise, be sure to check off these epic locations from the must-see list.


Bay of Biscay Coastal Routes

A trip to Basque Country is not complete without a gentle pedal along the coast. The wild beaches and rolling roads are perfect for a recovery ride or a warm-up before tackling some more challenging rides. The best section is between Gernika and San Sebastian, so take a couple of days to get the most out of this riding.


Jaizkibel Climb

Jaizkibel is one of the most famous climbs in the region. This has been a key climb in the San Sebastían Classic, challenging riders with a series of hairpins surrounded by trees, open scenery, and some epic views. The Jaizkibel climb is open all year-round.


Monte Oiz Climb

One of the more challenging climbs in Basque Country, Monte Oiz requires determination and strength to power through the challenging terrain and incline. Winter months can see heavy snowfall here, so it is best to take on this climb in the warmer months.

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Basque Coast at it’s best

25 km

480 m

1 hour

This is one of the nicest stretches of the coast of the Basque Country, with impressive views and some unique rock formations. Places to be recognised by some Game of Thrones fans!


The Basque Mountains dominate the landscape and are a mountainous highlight for the Basque region. While they are not as high, or quite as dramatic as the Pyrenees, they still provide some excellent climbs well worth a visit. These mountain roads offer long and gentle climbs, but there are several opportunities to push it and go above 1,500m altitude.

From atop of these mountains, take in the stunning views of green landscapes and wild beaches. The beauty of this natural landscape truly is breathtaking.


From rugged coastlines to rolling, green landscapes – Basque Country has a lot to offer in its gorgeous scenery. The region is blessed with the colours of nature and depth of history. Discover a vibrant world interweaved through the coastal villages and mountain towns.

Roads & Traffic

The road surfaces are a consistently excellent quality throughout The Basque Country and are a pleasure to ride on a road bike.

The traffic varies depending on the climb. Some are completely empty, while others can carry a lot of heavy goods traffic. Local knowledge of the area is essential.

Getting There

Basque Country is easy to travel to. Either fly into the international airports at  Bilboa or Biarritz (France) or enjoy the ferry into Bilboa’s port for a slower cruise in.


The weather is more unpredictable in the north, where rain is not uncommon in the high mountains. With the influence of The Atlantic ocean and high altitude in-land areas, the weather is often damp and cool.  However, this doesn’t stop the climbs being open throughout most of the year and are pleasant for riding even in winter (a time when many professional cyclists are based in the region).

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